Advantages of self-piercing bolts

Update:14 Dec 2019

Raw materials with different characteristics, coated ma […]

Raw materials with different characteristics, coated materials and materials that cannot be connected by welding can be riveted; self-punching riveting is used to rivet aluminum and high-toughness stainless steel plates. Riveting is better than bump welding. ; The quality of riveting is stable, and the actual effect of riveting is more than the same. The whole riveting process is cleaned without heavy smoke. It consumes much less kinetic energy than electric welding. The entire riveting process is easy to carry out automated technology.
What are the common problems when selecting self-piercing bolts? Here is a detailed explanation:
1. Generally, when selecting self-piercing bolts, considering their methods, generally, they are all bolts with good riveting characteristics and beautiful appearance.
2. It is necessary to choose self-punch bolts with relatively large surface layers, which can generally bear relatively large working pressure, and pay special attention to the degree of their signs.
3. There must be good leveling requirements. When selecting self-piercing bolts, experiments such as cutting can usually be carried out.
4. When selecting self-piercing bolts, you must also pay special attention to whether they have good tightening during the entire application process, which is very specific to the application of plastic deformation plates or metal sheets.