Application range of self-piercing rivets

Update:06 Dec 2019

In recent years, the market for car processing and manu […]

In recent years, the market for car processing and manufacturing has become increasingly fierce, and major manufacturers have continuously released new aluminum body styles, such as Jaguar and Land Rover Range Rover. Tesla Motors, Audi Q7 new cars, in addition to attaching importance to safety factors, cost-effective, style is not novel, but more important is the rationality of the car's driving, and continuously consider customer requirements.
In order to integrate the cold connection technology of joining two or two kinds of plastic plates, we have released new self-piercing bolts / self-piercing riveting equipment / rivetless riveting machines and other products, and have already been used in aluminum veneer curtain walls, automotive sheet metal, busway, ventilation Ducts, street signs, grain storage. Manufacturing industries such as motorcycle side boxes are widely used. However, after the self-punching bolts of the treasures pass through the high-rise plate, the hollow structure at the end of the self-punching bolts expands the thorn under the effect of the riveting die, and does not penetrate through the bottom plate, thereby creating a strong riveting point.
So, what is the effect of self-piercing bolts? The main ones are as follows:
1. Self-piercing bolts can carry out the connection between light metals, rare metals, ferrous metals and rare metals. Therefore, in the production of car bodies, the self-piercing riveting process of self-piercing bolts has created resources for rapid production and assembly line production. The advantage is very important for the connection between the wagon compartment plates.
2. In order to establish rationality, the selection of car body materials is very necessary. For example, light metal or metal materials are used. Because this kind of raw materials cannot be welded by welding and traditional riveting processes. Since self-piercing bolts can be set for punching and riveting multiple times without jeopardizing the beauty and generosity, they have been chosen by broad automobile companies.