Connection method of self-piercing riveting machine and self-piercing rivet

Update:29 Nov 2019

Very few people have cared that I think self-piercing r […]

Very few people have cared that I think self-piercing rivets and self-piercing rivets must be paired, and very few people have done detailed and careful scientific research on the pairing and selection of self-piercing rivets and self-piercing rivets. I think, There are at least many techniques and methods
Self-piercing rivets are more commonly used at the present stage of semi-empty center self-piercing rivets, which are divided into strip and loose models according to the type of structure.
Special attention must be paid to the use of different rivets for different machines and equipment.
Self-piercing riveting equipment with self-piercing rivets: portable self-piercing riveting machine, servo motor self-piercing riveting machine, column type self-piercing riveting machine, CNC machine tool self-piercing riveting machine, intelligent self-piercing riveting machine
The self-piercing riveting equipments which are loosely referred to as self-piercing rivets are: column full-automatic self-piercing riveting machine, electric portable self-piercing riveting machine, desktop all-in-one self-piercing riveting machine
After selecting the self-piercing rivet structure type, the main specifications and models under this category must be adopted. The self-piercing rivet's specification and model number is DXL, which is the diameter X length. If the self-piercing rivet's specification is 5.3X8, it means that the diameter of the rivet is 5.3mm and the length is 8mm.
There are various specifications of self-piercing rivets. There are two types of common D diameters: 3.2mm and 5.3mm.
Choice of D: When the indoor space of the part is limited, the diameter of the riveted part can be 3.2mm, but the smaller diameter means that the compressive strength of the joint is lower after riveting. Therefore, a 5.3-diameter self-punch is used as much as possible under the allowed conditions rivet
Selection of L: Before selecting the length, the total thickness H of the joint must be accurately measured, and then H + 2mm is used as the length L value of the rivet. Pay special attention to the fact that when the L value is not a natural number, it must be rounded up Rivet specifications