How does non-standard screw factory comply with the development trend of the industry?

Update:10 Jun 2019

Screws are a traditional industry in China. They starte […]

Screws are a traditional industry in China. They started in the 1960s. Recently, the current situation of the screw factory has pushed all the enterprises in the screw industry chain to the edge of the cliff. How does Dongguan Senke Non-standard Screw Factory survive and develop?

At the beginning of the establishment, Senke’s senior management saw the market of non-standard screws, which is very suitable for small screw factories. As the saying goes, the good ships are small and easy to turn around. The small screw factory management is very flexible, the shipping arrangements are fast, and the spot is placed on the same day. Shipment, custom non-standard screws from mold opening to shipment for 10 days, this efficiency is impossible in medium and large enterprises. Secondly, accelerate the development of e-commerce into a non-standard screw industry to deal with economic globalization, master the initiative And the inevitable choice to improve international competition. The most important thing is to get a seat in the mall, but also pay attention to the investment in research and development and product quality control, such as special screws, especially pay attention to high strength, high corrosion resistance, this piece is very important and it will become The core of the competition in the future shopping malls.