How to check the quality of precision electronic screw products?

Update:16 Jun 2020

First check the screw should start from the screw wire. […]

First check the screw should start from the screw wire. The quality of the precision electronic screw is directly related to the wire used to produce the screw. Good screws are more beautiful when they are turned over. What screw head burst, what thread is not good. Good screws and wires usually do not find this situation.

The second is the inspection of the screw head forming. Before the screw forming, the mold of the screw produced is first inspected. Only good molds can make good screw products. Checking the machine that produced the screw immediately is so conducive to safe and smooth production. The appearance of the formed screw is checked for burrs, and the standard length of the formed screw is checked. See if these scale lengths meet the national standard or the specific request of the customer.

The second is the inspection of the screw teeth. Of course, the first thing to do when screwing a tooth is a dental plate. The teeth from a good dental plate must pass the stop. Pass rules, stop rules. There is also a check on the thread pitch of the teeth. It is also necessary to meet the customer request of the national standard of screws.
In the end, color inspection and salt spray experiment inspection were carried out on the electroplated screws. Look at the color of the screws after plating. How good is the appearance of the screws. The salt spray test checks the rust time of the screw or how many hours the salt spray screw will rust. After the inspection of the screw shipment. The method is to select unqualified screws. Give the best screws to customers. Ensure the quality of the screws.