How to choose a combination screw

Update:22 Feb 2020

The combination screw is a kind of screw, and the screw […]

The combination screw is a kind of screw, and the screw is called industrial rice. Industry cannot do without small screws. However, the combination screw is composed of a screw, a spring washer and a flat washer. Fasteners combined by threading. The combination screw is more convenient to use. Do not match bolts, spring washers or flat washers by hand. So it's more convenient. But the price is slightly more expensive than the separate bolts, spring pads and flat pads.

Combined screw function: It has perfect fastening and crimping ability. It is a complete set of high and low voltage contacts, high and low voltage air conditioner wiring, and it is the current and voltage of electrical appliances, power, frequency and performance. , Saving labor, saving time and other advantages. This product is suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment. Household appliances, office equipment, communication equipment and other mechanical equipment. There are also many companies producing combined screws across the country, and potential customers can compare them. Walk around and look at it. What others say is not necessarily good. I have seen it with my own eyes, and I have personally used this screw combination product before knowing that it is better.
Combined screws are generally used in mechanical cabinets and have more power. And some businesses. Small screws are not very expensive. For convenience and flexibility. Therefore, more combined screws are used. The materials of combination screws are divided into iron, stainless steel and copper. But the use of iron and stainless steel is common. The iron can be divided into materials. In terms of screw materials, there are materials divided into 1010.1018.10B21, and stainless steel can be divided into SUS201, SUS304, and SUS316. There are many kinds of plating of iron combination screws: ordinary and environmentally friendly. For example: colored zinc is generally called red color. White zinc, black zinc, white nickel. Blue zinc. Environmental protection includes environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly white zinc, and environmentally friendly blue zinc. Environmentally friendly white nickel. There are more advanced ones. Copper base nickel, brine nickel. Zh
Precautions Combination screws include split head combination screws, outer hexagon combination screws, and iron combination screws, which need to be plated. And stainless steel combination screws. No plating is required, and the surface is bright.