How to do the cleaning work of stainless steel screws

Update:15 Jul 2020

The stainless steel screws that can be seen everywhere […]

The stainless steel screws that can be seen everywhere in our lives are all seen from the exposed parts. Some screws hide the inside of the objects, and the part that hides the screw is not removed. We can’t see it and don’t know whether the screw is a What kind of screws, but some of the exposed screw fasteners, we can see at a glance. In order to make these exposed screws look more beautiful, many stainless steel screw factories have made the surface of the screw fasteners. deal with. Make it more beautiful. The performance of the stainless steel screw parts makes it unnecessary to do the coating work in the finished product, only need to clean the surface of the stainless steel screw to make the stainless steel screw bright, then what is the cleaning process of the stainless steel screw?

1. Deoiling
The screw will pass through several machines covered with oil during the production process, so there will be oil stains on the surface of the finished screw. Here we need to clean it to restore it to the real body. When cleaning, pour into stainless steel for special cleaning Wash the oil liquid at room temperature for 3~8 minutes, then rinse with water to dry.

2. Descaling
The scale produced by some screws during the production process also needs to be removed to restore the shiny appearance. It is the same as the method of degreasing, but the cleaning agent for stainless steel screws is different. It also has a special cleaning. Agent, pour the special cleaning agent into the mechanical vibration tank at room temperature, wash the stainless steel screw mechanical vibration for 2~30 minutes, and then filter it again with cleaning.
3. Polishing
Polishing is also a common method of surface treatment of stainless steel screws. It requires the use of a machine and abrasive to grind the surface of the stainless steel screws to burrs and protrusions to make it bright. After the grinding, there is also a cleaning step to make the surface Brighter.
The treatment methods for the surface of stainless steel screws are generally the above three. There are other methods to change the performance of stainless steel screws.