How to produce super long screws

Update:22 Apr 2020

The extension non-standard stinless steel screw is prod […]

The extension non-standard stinless steel screw is produced by cold heading process. It is the same as the production process of ordinary screws. It needs to be formed by heading and then to the teeth. And now there are many screw manufacturers using welding to produce extended screws. What is the welding production process, that is, the head of the screw and the screw are separately formed, and then the part of the formed head and the screw are welded together. In this way, not only will there be welding traces, but the welded parts are also prone to fracture.

The most difficult part of the extension screw is the formation of the screw head. In the past screw head forming, we can see that the screw wire passes through the machine equipment and directly completes the head forming and material cutting. However, due to the length limit, the machine cannot extend the screw at a time Formed and cut out. However, separating the two processes of cutting and head forming, we need to consider how to put such a long screw into the machine.
The production of extension screws is only the first step to success, and the quality of extension screws is the continuous production path of screw manufacturers. If there is a leak in which process, the quality is not over. Not only will a large number of screw scraps appear, but it may also cause improper assembly during use.