Performance of self-piercing rivets

Update:11 Jan 2020

What is the performance of self-piercing rivets [1] The […]

What is the performance of self-piercing rivets
[1] The automatic rivet machine uses the punching machine equipment and multi-functional access to the die-casting die through a flash strong press production process, according to the cold extrusion deformation of the material of the part itself, to produce a combination of certain tensile and tensile strength The stress-free internal structure is encased with small circles, which can connect double-layer or solid wood multi-layer boards of different materials and thicknesses to each other.
[2] Performance:
①Suitable for riveting arc heads and semi-hollow rivets.
② Automatic feeding and loading system, sustainable riveting and high work efficiency.
③ It is not necessary for the operator to touch the rivets during operation, and the safety is greatly improved.
④The clamps and punches of the performance material have high riveting compressive strength without damaging the previous coating of the rivets, and the grooves are beautifully formed.
⑤ Changing the rivet head can riveting rivets of different models and specifications. It can be used in hats, steel furniture strollers, fitness equipment, leisure equipment, shoes and cultural and educational hardware accessories, water supply pipes, wood, plastics, leather products and trolleys. Assembly line for products such as friction plates.
[3] Advantages:
① The end point is firm, safe and reliable.
② There is no consumption of raw materials and no classification of materials.
③ Overcome the limitations and thickness limitations of stainless steel.
④ Can produce small circles and super-large points of access.
⑤ There is no welding stress in the access area.
⑥ It will not damage the thermal insulation layer of the steel surface.
⑦ No prior or prior disposal is required, allowing access to compartments and multiple layers of high-level.
⑧The environment is good, there is no dust, toxic smoke, and no dry sound.
⑨Easy to use, low cost and low maintenance cost.