Screw factory market positioning

Update:15 Jun 2019

The front hardware screw market faces fierce competitio […]

The front hardware screw market faces fierce competition. Especially for small-scale manufacturing enterprises, the resources of people, finances and materials are very limited. In the fierce market competition, it is impossible to win by scale, especially in the direct confrontation with large enterprises with the same products. The advantage of a small manufacturing company lies in its professionalism, its in-depth details, and its excellence.
Once upon a time, how many small and medium-sized enterprises chose to diversify their business after a little development. As a result, many enterprises have come to the fore, and some enterprises have never recovered or even closed down. A large number of enterprises have learned from the big waves of the market and learned lessons. Close the hand, return to the old bank, return to the professional development path. The reason is very simple. It is impossible for small enterprises to fully attack the main products and the upstream and downstream. It is impossible to compete with large enterprises. It is impossible to obtain comprehensive advantages in the main product areas and upstream and downstream territories. It is impossible to establish a comprehensive set of all these fields. With a sound management system, it is impossible to establish a huge sales network and after-sales service network, because the resources of SMEs are very limited. Small businesses can do, and must do the same, only in the manufacture of a product, do specialized, deep, and fine, so that in this product technology, the research is more exquisite and higher than the large enterprises in the same industry. .
Japan's manufacturing small business has been very successful and is a model for us to learn. Many small companies in Japan have produced only one product for decades, specializing in one technology and honing a craft. Focusing on one area for a long time makes these companies a leader in their respective fields. This kind of dedication to a process technology is called a professional spirit, which constitutes a remarkable feature of the Japanese manufacturing industry. This is the case for Japanese companies such as HARDROCK, which are world-renowned for fasteners. This is special. It is worth learning from domestic hardware screw manufacturers. At the same time, Japanese companies cherish their brand culture effects, not only have excellent products, but also spare no effort in brand building.
Small enterprises can gain several advantages in taking the enterprise road: First, technological advantages, and take a leading position in a certain technology. The second is efficiency advantages, improve the efficiency of equipment use, and avoid redundant construction. The third is management advantages, and establish an efficient management system for a relatively simple production and operation system. As a result, small metal screws companies concentrate on limited resources, specializing in their own professional fields, professional products, and thus winning in the market competition.