Screw factory transformation road

Update:21 Jun 2019

Difficulties in working, high cost, tight energy, infla […]

Difficulties in working, high cost, tight energy, inflation, overcapacity, skyrocketing raw materials, exchange rate fluctuations, and unstable world economy. . . . . . All the problems have appeared in China's fastener industry. A series of problems such as big but not strong and backward competitiveness are urgently needed to be solved by the transformation and upgrading of the industry. However, what confusion has it encountered during the transformation and upgrading process?
The transformation is not a change of production. The ultimate failure is that the benchmark for transformation and upgrading is not grasped. To transform and upgrade, we must first define the core meaning of transformation and upgrading. Second, we must be stable and avoid blind expansion. By strengthening the concept of talented enterprise and science and technology, relying on talents and technology to promote enterprises to make big emphasis; third, from the low end of the world manufacturing value chain to the high end of the world manufacturing price chain; fourth, from the squeeze of the environment to the right A friendly transformation of the environment.
Transformation and transformation
The whole industry is talking about transformation and upgrading. However, in the face of transformation and upgrading, there is a deviation in understanding at the most basic level. The upgrade is easy to understand. How do you understand the so-called transformation? After an interview with relevant people in the turnover industry, I found that many people have some errors in understanding the concept of transformation and upgrading. The most serious is to understand the transformation into an absolute conversion. They believe that transformation and upgrading is equivalent to abandoning the current industry and moving forward to another field, or introducing foreign capital, high technology, eliminating the sunset industry and developing emerging industries.
This misunderstanding must be clarified. Transformation and upgrading is not simply to abandon or compress the original industry and blindly enter new areas. Generally speaking, the economic transformation and upgrading includes three levels: one is the transformation and upgrading of the economy, the second is the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the third is the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself. The three promote and mutually restrict each other. Involving the fastener industry is the transformation and upgrading of the fastener industry and the transformation and upgrading of fastener companies.
The transformation and upgrading that we are now advocating is generally upgrading from low added value to high added value, from high energy consumption, high pollution to low energy consumption, low pollution, and from extensive to intensive. The key to transformation and upgrading is technological progress. It is digested and absorbed on the basis of introducing advanced technologies, and research, improvement and innovation are carried out, and a better system is established in management and operation.
However, from the reality of the transformation, promotion, promotion and implementation, there has been a phenomenon that the enterprise has changed its turn and turned around. Originally counting on the original intention of the transformation and upgrading of the original enterprise, but unconsciously changed the enterprise. The reason is that the concept between transformation and transformation is vague.
The so-called enterprise transformation refers to the overall transformation of the company's long-term business direction, operation mode and its corresponding organization and resource allocation. It is the process of reshaping competitive advantage, enhancing social value and achieving new corporate form. At present, the transformation of most enterprises in China is mainly due to the strategic transformation of enterprises.
There is a big difference between the transformation and transformation of enterprises. Conversion refers to the conversion from the original production or operation of products to the production or operation of other products, or the conversion from production to operation or operation to production. The transformation refers to the transformation of the business direction, operation mode, organization and resource allocation methods, and is the process of shaping the competitive advantage, enhancing the social value and achieving the new enterprise form. There is an essential difference between the two. Therefore, before starting to transform and upgrade, enterprises must clearly distinguish the difference between transformation and production.