Screw manufacturers introduce the selection and differentiation of various models

Update:19 Apr 2019

Double alloy screw: For plastics with more impurities, […]

Double alloy screw: For plastics with more impurities, glass fiber reinforced plastics and inorganic mineral fillers (calcium powder, carbon powder, talcum powder, etc.), the screw wear resistance is good.

Acid screw assembly: For the corrosive properties of acidic plastics such as CP and CA, screws, melt cylinders and other plasticized parts have been specially designed in terms of structure and surface treatment. The screw assembly has good corrosion resistance.

PC special screw: for high viscosity plastics such as PC, less shear heat, acid corrosion resistance, medium and small diameter, forming PC, PP-R, flame retardant ABS and other effects. It can also be used to form general plastics and PMMA common products. The color mixing effect is poor. If the color is added to the plastic, it is necessary to order the enhanced color mixing screw.

Special screw for PA: It is characterized by low viscosity, difficult coloration, fast melting speed and good self-lubricating properties of the PA. The screw mixing effect is good, the feed amount is stable, and the exhaust effect is good. Intermediate diameter. Forming PA, PP, LCP and other crystalline low-viscosity bottom plastics have good effects. It can also be molded into general plastics. It is not suitable for plastics with high viscosity and poor thermal stability such as PC and PMMA flame retardant ABS (middle temperature is too high, decomposition) PMMA special screw: for PMMA transparent products, it requires good plasticizing effect, low decomposition rate, etc. The cutting heat is low and the color mixing is good. The intermediate diameter is good for forming PMMA, PP-R, PC, ABS, etc., such as plastic with flame retardant and screw for chrome plating.

Special screw for PET: It has the characteristics of low viscosity, high specific heat capacity, easy adhesive material and PET preform, which requires fast plasticization and uniform plasticization. It has good plasticization, high stability, non-sticking and fast melting speed. The preform yield is high when the preform is blown. Large diameter, can also be molded into general plastic.

Special screw for PBT: It is easy to decompose PBT, sensitive to pressure and needs to add glass fiber. The screw generates pressure stability and uses double alloy to improve wear resistance.

UPVC special screw: It is characterized by high viscosity, easy decomposition, strong corrosiveness and good plasticization of PVC pipe joints. The plasticization of the screw is good, the shearing heat is less, and the acid corrosion is resistant. Because there is no apron, it cannot be used for low viscosity plastics and injection speeds with more accurate pressure classification. In addition, due to the need for heat dissipation and cooling, when the UPVC product is used, the barrel (melt tube) should be used with the screw with forced air cooling.