Self-piercing rivets bring changes to the rivet industry

Update:15 Nov 2019

Self-piercing rivets are a newly invented rivet in the […]

Self-piercing rivets are a newly invented rivet in the rivet category. There are many types of self-piercing rivets, such as non-standard self-piercing rivets, non-standard self-piercing rivets, high-strength self-piercing rivets, etc., and their use is also very extensive. . The process of production is also very strict, and it is also necessary to pay attention to some problems. Otherwise, the self-piercing rivet produced can not achieve the expected effect, just like the strength of the rivet has a direct influence on the self-piercing rivet, which affects The ability of the rivet to penetrate some boards.
The effect of the strength of the rivet on the self-piercing rivet is mainly due to its influence on the joint of the self-piercing rivet. The strength of the rivet directly affects the joint of the self-piercing rivet, such as its penetration ability and the style of the joint. Under the same aluminum plate, the results of the rivets in different states are different. Some of them make the tail of the rivet open in a straight line shape, so the rivet function is poor, and when it is curved, such self-piercing The effect of the rivet joint is good and has a good mechanical effect. When the tail of the puncture rivet is too thick and short, the tensile strength of such a self-piercing rivet joint is not high.
The choice of rivet head style is mainly in terms of performance and aesthetics. It may require the workpiece to be flat in terms of performance conditions, the position of the mark and the mechanical stop, the surface with large force, and the subsequent process. need.
Self-piercing rivets can be used to connect different materials and materials of the same kind. It is a new type of rivet in the rivet industry. There are many new products in the market, such as special-shaped tire bolts and hex galvanized. Bolts and the like are also new products, and their application range is very wide, and can adapt to various environments.
Self-piercing rivets have many advantages, they are very widely used, standardized, and can also be automated for tools and workpieces. They are very convenient and can be combined with manual or fully automatic installation, thus reducing the operation process. It improves the quality and efficiency of the work. Under normal circumstances, the connection of the self-piercing rivet can be done without drilling. The biggest advantage is that there is no pollution, it is very environmentally friendly, and the noise is low, which is very popular. When it penetrates the material, it penetrates the surface layer, and the influence on the bottom layer is very small, so it is difficult for the liquid or gas after the connection to penetrate into it.