Special screw cold pier forming one punching die forming essentials

Update:05 Jul 2019

The maximum importance of a die in the special screw ma […]

The maximum importance of a die in the special screw manufacturing process is the quality of the wire and the value of the finished product. The straight line diameter of the wire is squeezed and stabilized by a die, so that the second punch can be formed correctly, so that the cross or one Dies such as words or plums extend the life to achieve the purpose of use.

A die generally uses a movable die, the advantage of which is the length of the wire required in the head, all of which are fed into a die, and the spring is used to contact a die face and the die face, and a die is moved in a punch. The shape of the front end of a die is extruded from the wire of the bag, and the punch is retracted. The spring presses a die to the normal position to prevent bending or wrinkles. The parallel extrusion of the wires makes the fiber flow line normal, and the punch can be avoided. Filtering. The design of a die should not be too large, and the result is that the screw head has a layered shape after two-shot molding, and a layer of wrinkles is formed in the middle of the head shape. The diameter of a die can not be too small, otherwise the center is unstable, sometimes it is left and right, and the special screw cross is easy to break. It is difficult to adjust.