Standard screw and special screw

Update:27 Apr 2019

1. Standard screw: The structure is general-purpose, th […]

1. Standard screw: The structure is general-purpose, the material is 38crMOAlA, the surface treatment method is nitriding, and the diameter is two on the catalog. It is suitable for ordinary plastics and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC. (soft) PBT, PET.

2, special screw

1 Structure-specific screw: Screws with different geometry designed for different plastics' melting characteristics, mainly include: PC-specific, PMMA-specific, PVC (hard)-specific, EVA-specific, etc. Please note that the following two points need to be clarified to the customer. :

A, the relevant plastic does not use a special screw can not guarantee the quality of the product;

B. The use of special screws does not guarantee the quality of other plastic products of beer.

2 material type special screw

A. Double alloy screw (barrel): Its structure is generally general-purpose, and it has a wide adaptability to plastics. Currently, the most popular plastic-modified varieties on the market are: PA, ABS, PP, ABS, PS, POM, This type of screw (barrel) can be used for PC, PBT plus glass fiber and carbon fiber.

B. Stainless steel screw: defined as material-specific, when the structure is universal design, it is mainly for the transparency of ordinary plastic products or the corrosiveness of plastic processing (such as POM, CA), and the special structure design is mainly used for PC. , PMMA special screw, it is expected that such screw will get more applications in our company soon.

3 Surface treatment method: Since the surface treatment method of the POTENZA series screw is nitriding, the electroplating screw of our products can also be considered as a special method. It is mainly used for high transparency or anti-corrosion requirements of ordinary plastic products; in another case, the surface treatment of structural type special screw is also nitriding + electroplating.