Talking about the knowledge of self-piercing rivets

Update:09 Nov 2019

Self-piercing rivets are made by interconnecting two ma […]

Self-piercing rivets are made by interconnecting two materials. They can be connected to the same material or can be connected by two different materials. It can realize the automatic operation of the workpiece and meet various needs, and its It has a wide range of applications, reduces the operating procedures when it is used, greatly improves the efficiency of the work, and more importantly, it does not cause pollution when it is used, and even noise pollution will not occur, so as to protect the environment. A great contribution has been made.
Self-piercing rivets are suitable for high strength, and the types of products are super-multiple, such as high-strength self-piercing rivets, non-standard self-piercing rivets, and the range of use is super wide, if under the same aluminum plate, for different states The effect of the lower rivet is different. Some of them make the tail of the rivet open in a straight line shape. The rivet function is slightly worse, and when the arc is opened, the effect of the self-piercing rivet joint is Very good, with good mechanical effects, when the tail of the puncture rivet is too thick and short, the tensile strength of such a self-piercing rivet joint is not very high.
With the continuous development of society, the society has long since got rid of the era of artisanality and entered the era of machines. There have also been a large number of mechanical products on the market. These mechanical products have made our daily life more abundant. With the increase of mechanical products, self-piercing rivets have also come to our lives, making our lives more exciting.