The advantages of self-piercing rivets and the principle of riveting machine

Update:20 Dec 2019

Advantages of self-piercing rivets 1. At the time of ap […]

Advantages of self-piercing rivets
1. At the time of application, it is not necessary to open holes, and the parts are free.
2. At least one surface layer of the self-piercing rivet is flat.
3. After application, the rivets have no waste cores and save raw materials.
4. The actual operation of self-piercing rivets is very simple and highly efficient.
5, very suitable for a large number of production line effects.
6, no environmental pollution, very environmental protection, low noise.
Principle of riveting machine:
Radial riveting machine:
The motor transmits fitness exercise to the main shaft bearing according to the coupling, and the main shaft bearing transmits the fitness exercise to the curved surface sports pair according to the large planetary organization of the small tooth difference. A hydraulic transmission system driver piston rod is connected to the curved surface pair to apply pressure and self-piercing. The rivet, when the rivet head touches the rivet, the rivet head is tightly around the rivet axis (that is, the axis of the main shaft bearing), and the rivet is rolled without dragging according to the 12 petal red plum trajectory, and the riveting work is performed.