What is a combination screw

Update:27 May 2020

The combination screw is actually a kind of screw, but […]

The combination screw is actually a kind of screw, but it is special. Generally, it is a three-assembly or two-assembly, but at least it can be called a combination screw. The main difference from ordinary screws is that they are equipped with one more elastic pad or one more flat pad than the ordinary screws. In the case of three-piece assembly, one more elastic flat pad is provided. This is the main difference between the appearance of combination screws and ordinary screws.

In addition to the obvious difference in appearance, the external hexagon combination screw and the ordinary screw mainly have to be the difference in mechanical properties and uses. The combination screw is a three-piece or two-piece assembly with elastic flat pads. Of course, it is made of ordinary screws with elastic flat pads. After fitting the flat pad, the flat pad will not fall off. Fastened to form an assembly. In terms of mechanical performance, the combination screw is composed of three accessories, and the performance definitely requires three fasteners to work together. The mechanical performance of the combined screw is more firm when used. More convenient, the biggest advantage of the combination screw is that it can facilitate the operation of the production line and improve work efficiency.
The difference between the use of external hexagon three combination screws and ordinary screws is mainly in the versatility. The use of ordinary screws is more extensive than the combination screws. Basically, ordinary screws are used on industrial products. Combination screws! It is only useful for specific product materials. When the screws need to use elastic pads and flat pads together, then the combination screws can be used.

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