What is the difference between environmental protection dacromet screws and ordinary dacromet screws

Update:07 Sep 2020

What is an environmentally friendly dacromet screw and […]

What is an environmentally friendly dacromet screw and what is the difference between it and ordinary dacromet screws
Dacromet is divided into general Dacromet and environmental protection Dacromet
Generally, Dacromet screws are finished screws processed by Dacromet production process.
Environmentally friendly Dacromet screws mean that the production process is the same as the general Dacromet screws. The production materials are processed with chromium elements and the screws
Anti-corrosion ways and main characteristics of chromium-free green environmental protection coating
With the emergence of machinery and equipment, Dacromet technology is widely used. Dacromet's chromium-free products appeared, and chromium-free green environmental protection coatings also appeared in front of everyone. I believe you don’t know much about it. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the main features and anti-corrosion methods of chromium-free green coatings. Let's find out together.
Main features of chromium-free green coating
1. Thickness: The thickness of the coating is 6-12 microns, and the thickness of the coating with top coating is 10-15 microns. 2. Oxygen-free brittleness: The coating treatment does not require pickling or electroplating. 3. Eliminate the threat of dual metal corrosion: lead eliminates the bimetallic corrosion of zinc-aluminum or zinc-iron that often occurs in zinc coatings. 4. Solvent resistance: The inorganic coating has excellent solvent resistance. 5. Heat resistance: The coating contains a large number of metal flakes, which can be conductive. 7. Corrosion resistance: 240-1200 hours in salt spray test. 8. Adhesion performance: better than zinc-chromium coating (Dacromet coating). Excellent environmental performance: 1. No chromium: no chromium in any form (including trivalent and hexavalent) 2. No toxic metals: no nickel, cadmium, lead, barium and mercury.
Anti-corrosion approach of chromium-free green environmental protection coating
1. Shielding effect: the scaly zinc-aluminum powder organizes the penetration of corrosive media very well. 2. Yin-yang protection: zinc is sacrificed as an anode to protect iron from corrosion. 3. Passivation: Metal oxide slows down the bimetallic corrosion of zinc and iron matrix. 4. Self-repairing: Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air react with zinc on the coating surface to produce zinc oxide and zinc carbonate. Since the volume of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate is larger than the same amount of zinc, they can rise when they migrate to the damaged place. To repair.