What is the procedure for screw manufacturers to produce screws

Update:01 Mar 2019

The screw produced by the screw manufacturer is a manuf […]

The screw produced by the screw manufacturer is a manufacturer that uses the physics and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of the inclined surface of the object to gradually tighten the tool of the workpiece. What is the flow of the screw produced by the screw manufacturer?
1. In order to heat the wire to an appropriate temperature for a certain period of time, and then slowly cool to adjust the crystal structure and reduce the hardness, the screw manufacturer improves the normal temperature processing performance of the wire;
2. In order to remove the oxide film on the surface of the wire, the screw manufacturer will form a layer of phosphate film on the metal surface to reduce the scratch on the tool during the processing of wire drawing and cold pier or forming;
3. The wire is forged (or hot forged) to achieve the shape and length (or thickness) of the semi-finished product, and the wire stuck in the shearing die is shaped into a screw.
The screws produced by the screw manufacturers are widely used in the automatic counting and packaging of the auxiliary mounting screws for electricians, electrical appliances, lighting and hardware building materials manufacturing industries.